Weather Home 

Welcome to my Web site!

It's still under construction, but I hope that you can get some useful information here. Look forward to more details and topics especially for our weather station and my remote control helicopter!

As a keen weather watcher, all of the data from my weather station is uploaded to this site. Visit the weather pages for more info. Lower Bandwidth WAP pages are available here!

Outside Temperature at Home

I've been flying my RC helicopter since 2002, not that I'm very good at it, but it's a whole lot of fun. There are a couple of pictures in the gallery, hopefully I'll get to expanding this part of the site soon!


I decided that creating a blog would be a good thing to use as a 'remberall'. Hopefully the contents will be useful - if only to myself!


There's plenty of pictures from my hobbies, with a couple of extras thrown in for good measure.

Other Interests
Following the fortunes of Ipswich Town FC and working for Raspberry Software are BIG interests too, and wherever possible, playing Foosball is also high in the agenda. I take a keen interest in the village where I live and manage the village website.